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pronounced dead at the scene. the police officer was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: police closed this section for four hours. they had to clear the roadway to let them figure out what happened. what caused the driver of the infinity to veer into on coming traffic. so far, that is still under investigation. in alexandria, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> plans to start removing dozens of trees in the great falls area are being delayed by one day. the virginia department of transportation was supposed to start removing 59 trees that are dead or in decline today. it comes after a man was killed last month when a tree fell on to his car while he sat in traffic. vdot has not given reason for the delay, but once that work does get going, it will take three weeks to complete. sky 9 was on the scene of a three-alarm fire earlier today. it happened just after noon in the administrative building.
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fortunately, no one was injured. there you see the pictures. we do want to warn you about this next story. the images are graphic and they may not be appropriate for kids. but today, two trucks blasted with graphic photos are driving around northern virginia. they are doing it all week long. today, they were in springfield and leesburg. as peggy fox reports, the reason they are in virginia has everything to do with its status as a swing state. >> why would anybody want to drive around a truck displaying pictures of aborted fetuses? >> this is the truth and the truth isn't pretty. if this is okay, then it should be okay to put pictures of it out there. >> nicole says she regrets the abortion she had. the experience led her to work for cer and antiabortion organization that uses graphic images. but some say the pictures are too disturbing for public
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display. on our facebook page, amanda ray says she doesn't want her children seeing this. carrie says it's sick and barbra sanders says people die horrendous deaths every day, but we do not display this for children to see. it does not matter if it's truth or not. do not subject children to your protest no matter what the issue. use some common sense. some think it's a good idea. these pro-lifers are showing the truth of what abortion does. it's tough to explain to kids because it is the murder of an unborn baby and most kids get that it's killing a baby no matter what a parent's views are. nicole cooley says the bus tour is part of a voter education campaign in the swing state. >> we are focusing in four key states, virginia, florida, iowa, and colorado to educate voters about what abortion is and to raise visibility about this important issue. >> supporters of abortion rights agree that access to
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abortions needs to be asked of political candidates. but, the head of the women's clinic here in falls church question the tactics. >> surprises me that you can go ahead and do a donation to the charitable organization, even though they are doing political activity, which is against the code. >> fletcher armstrong, the director of the southeast region tells 9news, they don't support any political candidate and that their voter education campaign is legal. in springfield, peggy fox, 9news now. >> the center for bioethical reform plans to have graphic displays driving around northern virginia through friday. the maryland senate is ready to gamble on a casino in prince georges county. but it could still be a few days before we know if the state house agrees. armando trull is in annapolis with more on the special legislative session. >> it seems that every house
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committee wants to leave her fingerprints on that version. >> always, always a million amendments. >> all in favor, aye. >> delegates tweak and tinker with the senate's bill to expand gambling. >> the bill is all about what the splits are between the licenses and the state. how much goes to the education trust fund. how much goes to each jurisdiction. >> delegates from counties have en approved, want to minimize the loss those counties and venues could suffer if a vegas style casino opens. prince georges delegates are eager to see of the deal. >> hopefully we come out with something for the betterment of the state of maryland. >> the bill would give the state's largest slot operator an extra 5% of the take in compensation. it would allow it and other
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slot venues to operate 24/7, not enough say some delegates. >> i call it a doom's day casino, because it will destroy the gaming industry in the state of maryland. people have been misled. there are 10,000 jobs outside of this casino and other casinos. those jobs are at jeopardy. they are in harm's way. >> and lesli, it is still going to be a while before a decision is made. the house ways and means committee wants to approve a version and has to go to the house of delegates. it goes to the senate for a final look. the governor has to sign it and finally, in november, maryland voters get the final word. so, it will be a while before anyone can belly up to a poker table here in maryland. reporting live from the state house in annapolis, i'm armando trull, lesli, back to you. >> several more steps to go, thank you. derek. >> lesli, attorney general, eric holder, was hit with a lawsuit today.
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the house wants a federal court to enforce a subpoena against holder demanding he come up with withheld documents. after failing to come to an agreement last month, holder was held in contempt of congress. if you'll remember the fast and furious program was supposed to track the weapon purchases by a mexican drug cartels, but they ended up losing more than a thousand of those guns, some ended up in the hands of the drug gangsters. >> congressman paul ryan, the talk of the campaign trail this weekend. who is the man mitt romney chose as his running mate? the republican represented the area janesville, wisconsin. ryan's father died when he was just 16. an experience made him far more self-reliant. >> i know deep down that it really affected him, but i think it motivates him as well. i know he wants his dad to be
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proud of him. >> in the last two years, ryan was named one of the young guns of the republican party. having written a book and a federal budget plan. mitt romney is campaigning in florida without his new running mate today. that's because congressman ryan is in iowa, trying to rally the same base of voters. randall pinkston is in the white house with more. >> lots of sparks flying today, hecklers greeting congressman ryan as he begins his race with mitt romney and charges and countercharges not only from president obama and vice president biden, but also from mitt romney. campaign 2012, on the way. president obama and mitt romney's new running mate hit the campaign trail. telling supportersthat paul ryan is standing in the way of farm aid that could provide drought relief. >> if you happen to see congressman ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to iowa. >> congressman ryan came out
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swinging at the iowa state fair. when he made his first solo campaign stop as romney's vp pick. >> president obama has given us four years of trillion dollar plus deficits. he is making matters worse and he is spending our children into a diminished future. >> some hecklers shouted about medicare. ryan is known for crafting a republican budget plan that includes a proposal to convert medicare into a voucher program. and that can be a tough sell for the republican ticket with senior voters in key swing states. such as florida. romney campaigned there monday without his new running mate and slammed the president's healthcare plan. >> the president's idea, for instance, for medicare was to cut it by $700 billion. that's not right answer. we want to make sure we preserve and protect medicare. >> vice president joe biden was on the campaign trail on monday, taking aim at the new gop ticket.
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>> they are both good men, but they have flawed judgment in my view. >> president obama campaigned for a second day in iowa tuesday. romney is headed for ohio. with all of the fireworks today, you might think that we're in the mist of the fall campaign and it's only august. with more to come. at the white house, i'm randall pinkston. back to you, anita. >> we learned who will moderate the three debates. for the first time in twenty years, one of those moderators will be a woman. cbs news' bob shaefer as the three debate moderators, all are scheduled for october. now one thing the candidates may want to avoid or embrace at the iowa county fair this week is the bacon wrapped double fried corn dog. the owners of one concession stand prewrapped 12,000 of them and it's a good thing they did. >> before noon, we had already
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sold at least a thousand or pretty close to it. >> okay. of course no word tonight on the fat content of that bacon wrapped corn dog. they cost $5 a piece. after months of speculation today, a press release from the mayo clinic announced that jesse jackson, jr., is being treated for biopolar disorder. congressman jackson has been on ab extended leave absence since early june. today marks the one year anniversary of the deadly stage collapse at the indiana state fair. you remember this. it happened at a sugar land concert. that killed seven people and injured dozens more. tonight, organizationer plan to shut down all activities for four minutes starting at 8:46, and remember. >> the capsized costa
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concordia cruise ship will not be moving any time soon. that's according to sergio. timetable to move that has been pushed back, originally, experts thought it would be towed by early 2013, and they haven't told us what the delay is all about. that capsized back in january when it slammed into a wreath. it killed 32 people. sad news just into our newsroom. the pentagon says a marine from northern virginia has died in afghanistan. sergeant, ryan jeffsky. he was assigned to the special operations out of california and he died on friday during combat operations. no word on funeral or memorial arrangements. today marks one year since a maryland man was abducted in pakistan. today, his wife issued a plea for his safe return. the aid worker was kidnapped by gunmen. al-qaeda released a video of
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him in may, threatening his life. but no news since then. the woman who made cosmo what it is today is being remembered today. first made waves with her 1962 book, sex and the single girl. she was hired three years later to turn around the cosmo magazine. for the next 32 years, she was at the helm of the publication. she died after a brief illness. she was 90. still to come tonight, a small town in canada wants to vent all of its frustrations through one local resident. and we are standing by for the weekly conference from robert griffin, iii, when it does happen, we'll take you there live. >> doppler radar quiet right now. that's going to change tomorrow. we'll go code yellow in our 9 weather alert tomorrow. we'll explain why. >> pays tribute to olympians. i'm monica and i'll have that story coming up.
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plenty of hardware coming back home to america after the summer olympics. u.s. won 104 medals. 46 gold. by far the most in both categories. >> and as monica reports, london celebrated the end of the games with a huge bash at its olympic stadium.
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>> olympic athletes are flying home. they snapped photos and hung their favorite moment from the game on a memory tree. some even got hugs from actors dressed as britain's royal guards. team u.s.a. is taking home 104 medals. the u.s. men's dream team delivered the 46th goal and took down spain sunday night. it was america's women who brought home the most gold. they were happy to show it off at the closing ceremony. colorado swimming star, missy franklin, who won four golds loved the girl power she saw on stage. the spice girls reunited. london's mayor danced along as london bid fair well. over the years, the olympic park will be transformed. there will be shops, and homes in what will be called the queen elizabeth olympic park. sisters katie and kelly meyer say they will never forget their olympic experience here. >> everyone is in such a good
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mood. everyone has been so happy. it's like disney world. >> police officers were among fans posing for photos to mark the magic of the games. some british soldiers were just happy to finally get a break. london's mayor said all great parties must come to an end. the mayor of rio waved the olympic flag and promised another spectacular show in 2016. monica, cbs news, london. >> and those 2016 games will be the first ever staged in south america. >> a giant mural outside of virginia beach sports bar is paying tribute to hometown hero, gabby douglas. it took four days to paint the gold medal winning gymnast. the 9 by 30 mural shows her holding the medal and douglas tweeted over the weekend, wow. this is amazing. so honored. that's awesome. oscar may have the market cornered on sesame street, but
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just about anyone can be named the town grouch. the election was held this weekend in evansburg. it began as a tradition since 1979 when the man was creating a new sign just west of town added some stats. like 29 dogs, 41 cats, and one town grouch. >> what the heck are you doing over there? >> okay, that's this year's winner, margaret. she gets the temporary address of ten frowning streets for the next year. her job is to be so grouchy that the rest of the town can just be in a great mood. the competition raises money for the town's annual festival. i wouldn't want to be a grouch for a year. >> hey you kids, get off my grass. >> i don't know. you could be our resident. >> get off my grass. >> 750 people, only 49 dogs. not dog or cat people. >> perhaps they would be less
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grouchy. a nice day out there. live doppler is quiet right now. that will change tomorrow. let's enjoy it while we can. let's take a live look outside. this is brought to you by michael and son. you are looking north down wisconsin avenue toward bethesda. we have some clouds, but it's not humid and it's not storming. those are victories, believe me. 87 right now. dew points in the 50s. that's fantastic. that means you folks can open your windows tonight. winds out of the south. pressure 29.96 inches of mercury. all right, satellite picture, radar combined. we have another frontal boundary. picking up storms back into northern georgia. this is what we think will roll in tomorrow, especially in the afternoon and some of the storms could be hefty. the threats would be hail and strong, gusty winds for us. we'll keep you posted and designated tomorrow at 9:00 weather alert code. right now, just a few clouds pushing through. but again, doppler is quiet, nothing on the radar.
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temperatures in the 80s. 85 in great falls. that's pretty nice. 85 in fairfax. 88 in college park and 86 over in bowie. very comfortable. headlines, well, more storms tomorrow, comfortable tonight. almost hot again tomorrow, but not too bad. afternoon storms, some could be heavy and some could be severe. again, main threat could be hail and strong, gusty winds. that's the way the atmosphere is setting up. open the windows, especially in the suburbs. low 66 to 74. by morning, it will be dry. partly sunny and warm. 70s and 80s. air quality moderate. that's pretty nice. by afternoon, partly cloudy, almost hot. scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90 and winds out of the southwest at 10. sot zone forecast. we're looking at mid 70s in oakland. then you jump the divide, mid 80s in cumberland. martinsburg, winchester, and yes, everybody on the map has a
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chance for afternoon storms. 91 in culpeper. upper 80s nor warrenton, leesburg, and fairfax. downtown, 88, 89. 90 in andrews. close to 90 in through charles county and hughesville and also into interior sections. winds not a factor tomorrow. boaters have to be advised of big afternoon storms that are possible. so, we'll break it down for you. 66 to 74 to start. 82 to 86 by noon. warm, very comfortable. and maybe a thunderstorm late. 87 to 90 tomorrow afternoon. again, code yellow. the next three days, code yellow tomorrow, and code green on wednesday and thursday. 88 tomorrow, some storms. isolated storms on wednesday and just isolated storms on thursday. 88 wednesday. 90 on thursday. next seven days. it's going to heat up a little bit. by friday, we'll be in the low 90s with thunderstorms possible. the good news is, those storms on friday may set the stage for a very nice weekend.
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mid 80s on saturday. lows in the 60s both saturday and sunday night. there's your downtown temperatures. that could be low 60s in the suburbs and a sprinkle. temperatures also holding in the mid 80s. >> refreshing. >> it is refreshing. >> thanks, top. oh. do you have a video of this? we showed you dust storm last week in the southwest. this is about southwest of las vegas and arizona. and check this out. these come in like crazy with up to 70-mile per hour winds. no injuries, but they had to evacuate some folks and look at some of the cars. the windows are blown out. debris went through the windows and pretty serious. it's a sand deracho. >> not quite. >> it's powerful, though. >> it is powerful and it is
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monsoon season in the southwest, so they are getting storms. >> sounds like it. not good. >> still ahead, haircut made almost as many headlines as the mars mission he helped toney near. the president has to say about this coming up. >> and up next, how an expanded recall may impact what you put in your grocery cart.
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check your fridge for honey dew melons that. i were sold across the country, including maryland and virginia. listeria can cause serious and fatal infections. now the honey dew melon won't have a label on it. you need to contact the store where you bought the honey dew melon to see if it's part of the recall. >> . the nasa scientist who landed the curiosity on mars got a call from the president. the president called to congratulate them. >> i just wanted to call and say congratulations to the entire mars science laboratory
5:26 pm
team and really all of jpl on last monday's incredible success. >> the president joked about the team member who gained a lot of attention for his funky mohawk. >> i have thought about getting a mohawk myself. my team keeps discouraging me. it sounds like nasa has come a long way since the white shirt and dark rimmed glasses. >> president added he has been asked about martians and urging nasa to let him know if they see anything extra terrestrial. i could grow the reverse mohawk, but that wouldn't be as good. get this, nobody has won the top prize since june 23, which means the wednesday drawings is worth $305 million. your chance of winning hasn't
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changed. it's still 1 in 175 million. climbing mt. hood is impressive, but what about doing it when you are 104? >> that makes you a rock star. >> we'll tell you the dos and don'ts when it comes to buying travel insurance. dave. >> and we are live out here at redskins park. coming up on the end of training camp, and rg3 is going to speak to us coming up right after this break. [ male announcer ] the choice on debt...
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mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies, cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. the redskins break out training camp tomorrow. >> and dave owens is live at redskins park where today's press conference is already getting underway. >> that's right, guys. rg3, his weekly press conference. he's heading to the podium right now. let's listen in. >> a lot of plays, there is usually one guy that is wide open and everybody else is blinking. i went through the reid and the corner was taking away down the field. we high, lowed the player. i threw the ball to pier, that's it. >> what kind of things have they done to help you to get more comfortable? >> just talking about it. it's not that you walk to the line, you say defense and say,
5:31 pm
i have the perfect play for that defense. it's certain calls that you need to have with them and the coaches, that's a testament to them. it's not that i'm the smartest guy in the world. they have done a good job of throwing the offense at me. now that they are starting a game plan. they can say, if you get this specific look, you can get to this play and that has helped me to learn the offense first and come back with the audible, instead of audible a play i have never run in my life and being confused. they have kept it really consistent with the way that they introduced me to the offense and i feel really good about it. >> robert, you talk about getting comfortable and coming back, what are some of the things that is taking -- i guess, some of the things you are getting used to. >> i think it's more what the straight drop back. play action, i think everyone has done play action from under center. it's not the simplest thing, but it's definitely more comfortable for me to do play
5:32 pm
action from the shotgun. it's just most of the strictly drop back passing. i don't know how to explain it. it's just something i haven't done in a really long time. i did a little bit at baylor and a lot in high school. so, it's just something you have to get used to. getting your feet right from doing a drop full speed and my full speed is different than other full speeds. i have to make sure i get my feet right and keep my technique sharp. that's the one thing we have been working on. >> how many of those plays do you go down and look at and realize, okay, maybe i could have done something different here. i could have done something better there. with your level of critique, did you find it to be fairly extreme or were you prow of yourself? >> i'm my hardest critic. in the game, like i said, in the 14 plays that we got, there wasn't anything that stuck out. i could have done this differently. i could have done that differently. but in practice, there's
5:33 pm
moments like that, where you say maybe i should have made this throw instead of this throw. i think it happen more in practice. hopefully it will be the same way against chicago. >> it's weird getting a drive going and you're done for the night. getting going -- >> you build momentum and they are like, all right, you're done. and it was unfortunate, but i understand it's preseason. they just want us to put a touchdown drive together, not saying we would have kept going until we scored, but they wanted to see that. they wanted us to feel that momentum, feel how good we can be, if we are collecting on all cylinders and we did that. everybody was satisfied and the joy that i saw in the team on the sideline after we scored that touchdown, after pier scored on that screen was unbelievable. the defense was excited. i think it helped the team become more confidence.
5:34 pm
we can go out and be successful as an offense and i can help lead this team. >> when you score, are you going to summersalt. >> no, i'm not going to. >> how do you proceed your teammates are up? >> one thing we know is we have to handle what is on the field. the expectations and the hype and all the excitement. i think that's good. i see the fans come out here and support their team. i think guys feed off of those things. i don't think it will be a burden to anybody. i don't think the team feels like there's any pressure, but of course people are going to throw expectations out there. last time i checked, they have us fourth and not that we care, but we are going to go out and make sure we aren't fourth. >> you have dealt with lots of media in your life. here, obviously the redskins have gone to great lengths to
5:35 pm
protect you. how much of an adjustment is that for you, or do you care one way or the other? >> i love talking to you. it's great every single time. but that's coach mike's decision and he wants me to talk to you guys once a week. talking to you guys once a week and you know, the biggest thing is, i'm the quarterback, i have to be the face of the team and face of the franchise, and i think we all understand that. so it's not that one guy gets more attention than the other guy. they all know if i'm getting a will the of attention, we are doing extremely good on the field. when people say, is it going to bother me if it continues to increase, i want to play well, so it's going to increase. >> maybe santana and josh. >> that's robert griffin, iii, getting comfortable with that. not just checking it down, but also throwing the football over
5:36 pm
the middle, making those dangerous throws. also talked about comfort. getting under center. remember, he did a lot of shotgun at baylor. that bear defense, he'll have to take it on. we'll talk about that coming up at 6:00 at our 6:20 sports cast. that's going to did it here. back to you guys now in the studio. >> thank you, dave. >> if you could live to be 104 years old or climb a mountain, which would you pick? one woman said, i'll take both. alice turned 104 on july 31 and she told her kids she wanted to climb a mountain to celebrate. so they did. she decided to climb the same mountain she did as a child. mt. hood. what she found at the top was nay nestalgic. >> it's very nice. i enjoy being up here. >> 100 years is a long time for us, for a mountain, not so long. her first time in decades. she saids the idea began as a joke, but she sure is glad her
5:37 pm
kids took her seriously. millions of dollars have been spent on airport security. how one guy stranded on a jet ski is calling one major airport's entire plan into question. top. well, the doppler is quiet, so we can show you the pollen reading. we have a moderate for grasses, weeds, and mold spores. we'll come back and talk about how the doppler may change tomorrow while we are going code yellow on tuesday. >> but first, sorry top, another option off the market. a look at jennifer aniston's engagement coming your way up next. >> and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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it appears that jennifer aniston is going to give marriage a chance. according to aniston's rep, he proposed on his birthday. aniston's first marriage lavessed five years before they divorced in '05. this will be his first time tieing the knott. if you haven't done your
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back to school shopping yet, you may want to do it this weekend. a week long sales tax holiday. if you buy clothes or shoes for $100 or less, you get to skip the 6% sales tax. and you can shop tax-free through saturday. still to come, a community rallies around a fairfax county teenager injured during a family vacation. we'll talk about what happened. >> but first, work on the silver line and the beltway express lanes means a lot of detours. two more to tell you about this week coming up.
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get ready for some work along the dulles connector this week. tonight, the eastbound lanes of the connector road will close between the beltway and 123. that work will take place between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for the next three nights, the eastbound lanes of the airport access road will close between the connector road and the beltway and that work will be between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. watch for signs about detours through both areas. new york's kennedy airport
5:45 pm
has $100 million security system. according to the new york post, it didn't stop a man stranded in jah may jamaica bay from close circuit cameras, scaling an 8-foot fence and walking undetected through two runways and into a terminal. family members say daniel was on a jet ski when it broke down saturday night. they say he called for help, got no response, so he just started swimming toward the nearest light. >> he's going to swim to a land mass. it didn't make sense to me at all. >> they need to pay more attention. >> he eventually approached a delta airlines worker. now that man is facing criminal trespass charges and then airport security is re- examining exactly how this could happen. all right, it doesn't matter if you book your vacation online or use your travel agent, you can expect a
5:46 pm
pitch for travel insurance. it could be a smart move given all that could derail your trip. you don't want to jump into that purchase quickly, because travel insurance is not always a good deal. >> bill nuget may say he has the worst luck. >> i had to cancel a trip three days before and the second time i injured my leg and had to cancel it two or three weeks before. >> fortunately, he bought travel insurance for both trips. bill got back most of the nearly $12,000 he paid. >> travel insurance is a $2 billion a year industry, covering everything from natural disasters to personal medical emergencies. >> but do you really need it? money experts say maybe, but buy wisely. for instance, don't buy insurance coverage for small losses. worrying about dying in a plane crash? well skip the flight insurance. instead, think about term life insurance. it covers you no matter what
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the cause of death. >> before you buy travel insurance, check the insurance you already have. medical emergencies may be covered by your health insurance. fender bender by your credit card. >> travel overseas can require additional health insurance. consider medical travel insurance instead. >> if you did decide you want travel insurance, be sure to buy it from a travel agent. >> go to an online broker like it sells coverage from 21 different carriers, including travel protection, and travel x. bill learned firsthand that a little insurance can go a long way when a vacation doesn't go according to plan. >> you don't have to leave the d.c. area with your family to get last minute summer fun. we have great ideas for the whole family on our website, complete with a photo slide show from a great planetarium, a spy adventure in the city.
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places to feed your sweet tooth, and to cool off. and now to a recall about certain floor mats. mercedes-benz is calling back all of the all season accessory floor mats for its 2012 and 2013ml vehicles. the problem is, the mat could cause your gas pedal to get stuck and that's never a good thing. if you have these mats in your 2012 or 2013 vehicle, take them out, mercedes-benz will replace them with new ones for free. prices at the pump were up 18 cents in the last two weeks. that's according to the survey. aaa says that brings the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas to $3.70. if you are in the greater washington area, that average is $3.69. you can find the best prices at you know, we have been through a lot in the last few weeks. i am grateful for the last
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couple of days. >> it's nice when i walk up with one clicker. radar is not important right now. >> nice and quiet. >> tomorrow probably have two again. but that's okay. we're going to declare tomorrow a 9 weather alert code yellow because of a chance of thunderstorms. this is from our headquarters looking north, northwest. there are some clouds, but it's very nice. one reason is because the temperatures are in the 80s, and b, because dew points are in the 50s. open the windows. when relative humidity is below 40%, we're in good shape. pressure is steady. 29.96 inches of mercury. okay. satellite picture, radar combined, we'll concentrate on this system in the east. now it is a frontal boundary, not exactly a strong frontal boundary, but it will get close enough tomorrow. these storms in kentucky and tennessee and in the deep south will be our storms tomorrow afternoon. it looks like some will be heavy and some could be severe. the main threats be will the
5:50 pm
hail and the strong, gusty winds from these storms. right now, we're fine. partly cloudy skies and everybody is in the 80s. got to throw rockville out. don't know why they are reading 90. gaithersburg is 81. so we're going to kick that out. 85 in fairfax. 87 in college park. and 85 over in bowie. a great night to walk the dog, or come downtown and have a little dinner with an outdoor cafe. more storms tomorrow. comfortable tonight. almost hot tomorrow. clouds may keep temperatures down. afternoon storms and some could be heavy and some could be severe. for tonight, no worries. partly cloudy and mild. 66 to 74. winds southwest at about 10. so if you are in gaithersburg or rockville or fairfax, you will be in the 60s tonight. we're looking at 73 downtown, but 68 in bowie, 70 in college park.
5:51 pm
tomorrow morning, partly sunny and warm. 70s and 80s by afternoon. some could be heavy, some could be severe. high temperatures near 90. because of that, tomorrow is going to be a code yellow day, 88. and then we'll go green on wednesday and thursday, just isolated storms. back up to 90 on thursday. next seven days, hot again briefly on friday, low 90s. storms late friday or friday night. that should set the stage for a nice weekend. mid 80s, low humidity, sunday, a slight chance of a shower on monday. >> well doctors say the reverend, billy graham, is responding well to treatment. the 93-year-old was admitted for north carolina hospital over the weekend. the resting comfortably. doctors have not set a date for his release, but hoping he can head home soon. >> a cautionary tail to all of us reveling in our summer
5:52 pm
vacations at the beach. a fairfax county teen suffered a life changing accident while literally with his family in paradise. cheers and welcome home wishes from the lake braddock high school community. a pitcher for the varsity baseball team, nick, arrived at national rehabilitation hospital this afternoon after an accident that nearly left him paralyzed. nick's dad moved to see the outpouring of support for his family. >> it is unbelievable. >> he must have received like 50 or 60 cards at the hospital and gifts at the hospital. >> nearly three weeks ago while on vacation in hawaii, nick flipped into a wave head first. his head hit the ground under the water, severely injuring his spinal cord. he underwent surgery to align the two dislocated vertebrae. doctors decided to fuse the vertebrae when they were deemed
5:53 pm
unstable. the accident brought home to nick's brother just how easily such a spinal cord injury can happen. >> whenever you're in the water, it's dangerous. make sure you body surf and booingy board. >> family says doctors have noticed involuntary movement in nick's lower body. it's a sign of encouragement. they are hoping these are the early science of recovery. >> he started moving his knees and i saw it myself yesterday. this is a great sign. and his physical therapist is saying that's amazing. >> it's crazy how fast things happen and how fast things change. he's going to get through it. >> well, nick will be staying at national rehab hospital for weeks to come as doctors help him regain as much movement as possible. allows family and friends to follow a patient's progress. coming up, now that he is number two on the republican presidential ticket, is paul ryan the right man for the job?
5:54 pm
hear from a congressman who works right beside him. maryland's chris van hollen. >> and men, you need not apply. plans for a city exclusively for the ladies. >> plus, a real success story. we'll introduce you to plays that not only provide affordable housing, but teaches young residents the skills they need through life. hero central is next. [ male announcer ] the choice on debt...
5:55 pm
mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies, cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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5:57 pm
it takes a village to raise a child. the famous african proverb describes one approach. a supportive community for its family of tenants. j.c. hayward supports jubilee. >> i'm really excited. >> karen will attend villanova university on a scholarship this fall. the 18-year-old has achieved this feet with the help of jubilee housing. a place she has called home since she was five years old. >> do recall my mother talking about how hard it was to afford housing. so now that we live in jubilee, i can see that she works hard and can afford to pay and provide for us at the same time. >> jubilee housing provides subsidized housing with eight apartment buildings in adams morgan. >> the after school program that they have for us and
5:58 pm
neighborhood kids is a good way where i can get my homework done and get tutoring. >> her three sisters attend after school programs that are located right inside the apartment building. >> i have a lot of friends who i have for my babies and they help me a lot. >> goal is to provide opportunities for a better life. >> the things that we try to provide along with the housing are things that help them build on their own natural gifts. >> she was valedictorian of her class. she gives big praise to her jubilee after-school tutor. >> he was a big help. planning and making sure everything was done. >> the and the planning worked. >> it will be a big step in my life. >> good for her.
5:59 pm
she leaves home to attend college. the need for affordable housing grows in the district. jubilee housing has a long wait list. if you want more information, please visit four candidates, two bus tours, and one presidential race. >> with paul ryan's addition to the republican ticket, the campaigns are heating up with a will lot of focus on iowa to begin with. here's more from the campaign trail. >> mitt romney and paul ryan are part of a single political sentence. hoping to lead the republican party to the white house in november. but the pair have decided to divide and conquer on the campaign trail with romney headed to florida. >> the president's plan for our budget deficit was to make it worse. and paul ryan and i are going to get america to cut our spending and get us to a balanced budget. >> ryan's plan to cut spending included radical changes to

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